lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


1. Unit Plan related to the first block of contents the area of Physical Education (Decree 54/2014 Primary Education of CLM)

  • Course  5th year Primary  Education.
  • This Unit is focus on body scheme which topic is very important at first course.

2. The Learning outcomes expected are:

  • To know and distinguish their left and right side of their own bodies.
  • To develop dominant laterlity awareness.
  • To know basic prepositions of place (next to, behind, in front of, opposite, under, on, in, forward, backward)

3. One final task: 

4. Activities

  • Parts of the body review: Song 

  • Game II. Prepositions of place: "Where is my ball"
  • Game III. “Where is the stone”
    • Cool down: Health

    • Worksheet: review